Oil vs Natural Gas: Which One Is Better?

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Is Fuel Oil or Natural Gas a More Economical Solution for You?

When it comes to heating or other purposes, you may face the dilemma of choosing between oil and natural gas. These two types of fuel are the most commonly used in America and rest of the world. However, as you can imagine, both have their pros and cons. If you have your hesitations whether fuel oil or natural gas is a better option for you, please take a look at this information:
Both gas and oil heating systems have their efficiencies. However, oil burns many degrees hotter than the other heat source which makes it a preferred alternative for millions of people worldwide. If you select this fuel, you will have a warmer and cozier time with your family during the freezing winter simply because you will have your space heated much faster than using natural gas for the same purposes. Making oil one of the most economical and cost-effective solutions of all times.
The environmental impact is something most users rarely think about. Research shows that when you burn heating oil, you are actually using a renewable source of energy and therefore, you contribute to low-carbon gasses released into the atmosphere. As oil contains standard heating oil plus biodiesel as a result of recycled restaurant cooking grease, it becomes Bioheat which means it can be used without any additional modifications.
Natural gas, on the other hand, falls into the group of non-renewable energy sources. Natural gas, petroleum oil, and coal are in the category of fossil fuel and as a result, burning these releases high carbon emissions into the environment.
What can we say about their efficiency and cost? Very often, people buy old houses with old furnaces or oil heating systems. Compared to the new and modern heating systems, they burn more oil. So a new and efficiently working system will cost you less. Natural gas is cheap too. But many homeowners switch to oil just to increase their savings and get better heat compared to the heat they receive from other heat sources.

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