Do You Suffer Badly from Allergies?

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 Why Heating Oil Radiators Are Better for Allergy Sufferers

 Some homes rely on portable space heaters – they can bring warmth to specific areas without needing to turn up the thermostat for the whole house. Also, these portable space heaters can help to keep energy bills down in the winter months, whether a home’s primary heating system uses either propane, fuel oil, electricity, or natural gas. Radiant oil heaters which use electricity to heat oil will emit heat without needing to use a forced air system like a blower.

 People that suffer from allergies do say that radiant oil heaters are one of the best choices for their homes. Because these heaters provide radiant heat, they do not come with any built-in fans which spread dust and allergens throughout a space. In addition to this, not having a fan means these heaters work almost totally silently.

 The oil in these heaters does not work like fuel, and therefore, it almost never needs replacing. Radiant oil heaters work off electricity, this in turn, will heat the oil up. Once the oil gets to a certain temperature, which is chosen by a heater setting it will, it gives out heat throughout a space. However, once the oil cools down to below the temperature setting, the heater uses electricity to heat it up again.

These heating systems will not only reduce one’s energy usage, but they are also safer than most other types of heating. This is due to the fact the oil is sealed inside the heater and is unable to leak unless the heater is damaged. Also, radiant oil heaters do not emit any toxic or harmful fumes like kerosene heaters do. Plus, radiant heaters do not get as hot to the touch as other space heaters do; however, they can still burn or create a fire hazard if they come into contact with flammable items like curtains.

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